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Career Changer

Thinking about making a move to insurance? Good idea, here’s how you can do it successfully.

Insurance is about helping people get back on their feet when the unthinkable happens. It’s a hugely rewarding career, where you can do anything and go anywhere.

The industry is so diverse and looks for people of all skills and backgrounds. No matter what your last job was, employers are looking for your transferable business skills.


Companies look for great communicators, innovative thinkers and analytical minds. They need people who are passionate about progressing in their insurance careers.


You can enter the industry by applying for insurance jobs directly with a company or you can take part in an apprenticeship programme.


No time like the present! Make your move to insurance today by having a look at the insurance jobs in our vacancies section.


The Insurance Practitioner Apprenticeship is a three-year nationwide programme. This ‘earn and learn’ scheme allows you to start working in an insurance company straight away, earn a salary and work towards an honours degree in Insurance Practice. Applications for the next programme will open in Spring 2019, with apprentices starting in September.

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Direct Entry

As someone who has work experience already, you can apply directly to insurance companies and highlight your transferable skills. One way to impress employers is to begin studying for your Certificate in Insurance Product Advice (APA) qualification to show your commitment to joining the industry.

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Working in insurance offers you a very competitive salary and benefits package. Have a look at the latest salary survey findings from Brightwater Recruitment.

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Work/life balance

Did you know that insurers are more strongly linked with work/life balance than other employers? That means more time for family and friends while still having a rewarding career.

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Career progression

You can go far in insurance by undertaking professional and advanced qualifications. You can study online for most of these qualifications, so they’re very achievable.

'It’s a challenging career that gives you the opportunity to do different things and have varied and great experiences. There are so many different options available, career-wise.'