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We all need insurance – it’s everywhere. Without insurance, there would be no travel, no business, no innovation and no risk-taking. Society as we know it wouldn’t exist and the world would be a much more boring place.

So if insurance can make all of this possible, imagine what it could do for your career. Read on to learn more about starting your career in insurance.

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Facts and figures

Here are some facts we're proud of in insurance

working in insurance in Ireland
new insurance jobs by 2020
€10bn paid out in claims and benefits to Irish customers each year
insurance organisations in Ireland alone
One of the most diverse industries
A leading sector
for work/life balance
in tax contributed to the Irish exchequer annually
Source: Insurance Ireland Fact File 2014
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Stanley Kubrick took out insurance to protect himself against losses in the event that extraterrestrial intelligence was discovered before his movie, ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ was released.
Fiction: He tried. Lloyd’s of London refused.
Ugly Betty star America Ferrera has her teeth insured for $10m.
Fact: The policy was bought by Aquafresh, who Ferrera was working with as part of a promotion of the White Trays product.
You need to be good at maths to work in insurance.
Fiction: While some insurance professionals do need to be mathematically-minded – such as actuaries – there’s a diverse range of roles to suit people of all talents. So if you can’t handle algebra, you could still handle claims!
In the height of his career, the ‘Lord of the Dance’ Michael Flatley had his legs insured for $50 million.
Fiction: He only had them insured for $47 million. Bargain.
You can take out an insurance policy to cover you in case you get abducted by aliens.
Fact: Yes, you read that correctly. According to Geico Insurance, a London based firm has sold more than 30,000 alien abduction insurance policies. So you can put the tinfoil hat away – insurance has you covered.

‘The friendships you make and the business relationships that you build right from day one when you work in insurance stand to you for the rest of your career and beyond.’